Husband and wife team Alisdair and Kathryn Buchanan are the Senior Consultant Optometrists and owners of Buchanan Optometrists in Snodland, Kent. Established in 1990 their practice has built a reputation for clinical excellence and attracts patients from all over the UK and Europe. They have been voted in the top five practices in the UK at the National Optician Awards every year since 2008, winning in 2013 and 2012. As you might expect from this, the practice boasts state of the art equipment to enable the early detection of eye disease, the finest lenses and best measuring systems available, but also good old fashioned customer care.

Whilst pushing the boundaries in all aspects of optometry the practice has also become a centre of excellence for dry eye care, receiving referrals from GPs, hospitals and other Optometrists.

Kathryn Buchanan explains why dry eye management is so important 'Dry eye is a very common condition, affecting up to 40% of the population at some time in their lives. The condition causes irritating symptoms such as gritty feeling eyes, irritation, burning, itching, blurred vision, eyes sticking together at night and sometimes watery eyes. It can also make people feel very self-conscious and interfere with daily activities. I continually see patients in my clinics who feel they have tried everything for their dry eyes to no avail and it often gets them down. If we can help improve their symptoms we can also improve the quality of their lives. Our dry eye clinics have helped thousands of people improve their symptoms, we have launched this online shop to enable quick, easy access to some of the specialist products we recommend.'

Although many mild cases of dry eye can be treated with over the counter products, more persistent cases require specialist help. The product descriptions on this website indicate who the drops may be suitable for, but in the case of more problematic dry eyes we recommend a specialist dry eye assessment in the dry eye clinic at Buchanan Optometrists. To book an appointment call 01634 240645.

Here what some of our dry eye patients said about their visits to the clinic 'Thank you very much for what you have done for me, I cannot put a price on it. Before the treatment, I could hardly open my eyes because of the dryness. I couldn't drive the car or watch the television and I was at my wits end because the doctors, opticians and hospital consultants offered no help and left me thinking that there was nowhere else to turn.You have given me back my life and for this I am extremely thankful.'- Jill  Dodgson

'I was referred to Buchanan's Optometrists with a potentially serious eye condition.  The service that I received was second to none.  Everyone was so courteous and friendly and they diagnosed my condition with skilful quick efficiency. They found that I was suffering from Dry Eye Disease and immediately started treatment and the improvement with my blurred vision was amazing in just one week. I would just like to thank Kathryn, Alisdair and the rest of the staff for all they've done for me and look forward to continuing my eye care with them.'- Chris Green

Buchanan Optometrists run specialist clinics for many eye conditions including glaucoma, paediatrics, Irlen screening and dry eye management. Tailor-made spectacles and individualised varifocals offer a unique opportunity for the spectacle wearer to have something truly bespoke. Buchanan Optometrist are the first and only practice in the UK to offer a revolutionary new glaucoma detection and monitoring device called Triggerfish. To find out more about Buchanan Optometrists and details on specific eye conditions and spectacle products visit our website by clicking here.