Eye Logic Spray 10ml

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Eye Logic Spray 10ml
For mild dry eyes. Easy to use, spray on closed eye lids.
Eye Logic Spray (Formerly Clarymist) Liposomal eye spray relief for dry eyes and lipid/greasy layer deficiency. Apply to closed eyelids, safe to use  with contact lenses. 10ml up to 100 applications. 
Ingredients: Soy lecithin 1.0% Sodium chloride 0.8% Ethanol 0.8% Vitamin A palmitate 0.025% Vitamin E (tocopherol) 0.002% Phenoxyethanol 0.5%

"Easy to use especially for those who don't like drops. For more troublesome cases of dry eye combine with a gel as needed such as TheraTears liquid gel." Kathryn Buchanan- Dry Eye Optometrist
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Size 10ml
Weight 0.05kg
Product Code 5060102300205
Brand Eye Logic